Thursday, December 29, 2011

Whirlwind of the holidays

So its been about a week and a half since i last posted and i can honestly say i am so grateful that the liquid phase is over. I had a stall which started the second week post op and continued until today. Today i got on the scale and was missing 4 pounds! So as of this post i am at 214, my before liquid phase was 238. I went to a party yesterday and had a few things. I had 2 deviled eggs, and a mushroom with brie cheese. My stomach handled it masterfully. My incisions are healing up nicely and i believe that you will only see 1 of the scars. If you can, get your surgeon to use glue. I am no longer having itchiness at the sites. I am writing not to bore you all but to share a wonderful blog that i came across: EGGFACE
She has years of recipes. She got the RNY, whereas i got the vertical sleeve. I also wanted to mention that i have been posting on VERTICAL SLEEVE TALK My username on there is utopianaurora. I am also on SPARKPEOPLE as utopianaurora. I have no idea how to add people on sparkpeople but i have been using it for years. It is a great way to get motivation, and keep track of your protein, calories, exercise etc. Just wanted to share a few of these gems, and see how your holiday was? I have been invited to 2 new years parties not sure if i will go to either though. We will see. Any new years resolutions??

Mine so far:
1.)Learn to manage money better
2.)Work more substitute teaching until i graduate (in July)
3.)Make sure to tell the ones i love and care about that i appreciate them. A friend of mine who i met at red robin (he works there) told me and my husband "love you guys" he had never said anything like that before and it kind of knocked me back. (in a good way) I don't use the love word unless i mean it and i don't throw it around. Both of my parents say I love you all the time. While i know that they mean it it loses its value (?) having it be said so much. I know for my mom its just because her father has only said it a few times. Same with my dad plus we had a rough time in my teenage years and are finally getting to a good time where we are enjoying spending time together. Authough he has a boat load of kids now. (He has adopted 4 kids- ages 3, 6, 10 and 12) He also has the Sister of the older two living with him, i think they are going to adopt her too and i think she is 11.
4.) Exercise regularly
5.) Be mindful of what i am eating
6.) Be more mindful of others

Oh and i decided last night that i am going to apply for the PSY D. Program at my graduate school. If i get a good job in July i can always defer, but if i don't then i can continue on and maybe find part time work as a therapist? Who knows. At this point in my life i feel like there are endless possibilities.


  1. Amber, I am so happy to hear that you are doing so well with your recovery and are already eating solid food! That is wonderful! I'm still on liquids (+ greek yogurt) but am looking forward to the "mushies" that I'll get to eat next. Sounds like you've got a pretty amazing new year of great changes to look forward to!!

  2. Glad to hear you are moving on from the liquids and the itching has ceased :o)

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss!

  4. Yay for liquids being DONE! Love Shelly (Michelle from Eggface), she just qualifies as a rock star in my book!

  5. Melissa sounds like you are doing great too!!! You were only a few days after me for surgery so you will be on mushies too! :) Sam i am SO happy the itching has ceased. I would wake up scratching. Mia thank you!! Shelia i don't know how i did not see her before! :)

  6. Sounds like you are adjusting nicely to the band :o) and you have mad ethe right choice!