Sunday, December 18, 2011


I had a dream last night which had a friends mother cooking this giant pizza sushi roll. In the dream I took a piece of pepperoni and started choking. I woke up from the dream and I was coughing. It really hurt, but somehow it hurts less to move. Today feels ilike a turning point. 5 days since surgery and I am feeling loads better! I have been drinking lots of sf koolaid, eating Popsicles and trying to get in protein where I can. I found that for shoulder gas pain an ice pack works the best. As of 12 pm I have no shoulder pain after one night. I can say that I am craving a piece of Hershey's chocolate so bad. It's all I can think about today. My in-laws still don't know that I had the surgery. My husband was over there yesterday. They were not supportive so why tell them? They will find out eventually but for now I want to heal among my supporters. The cuts are looking more skin colored. I am happy they have never been painful to touch. I am going to call the bariatric office on Monday to try and get scheduled at 1 day before two weeks rather than 3 weeks out which will be my 1st day back to class. I am having difficulties with my protein from gnc because I hate it so much. It tastes awful and I despise it. I tried mixing it with pudding but all I could taste was the protein. I don't want to not get enough protein in but unjury is $26 I just don't have right now. :/ I asked my mom for it for Christmas no idea if she will or not. So back to the chocolate do u post surgery folks think if I let it melt completely that it would hurt my healing pouch??
For sleeping I have a memory foam mattress topper (best $100 spent at sams club) and it was really hard to get up. I added a few mid sized couch pillows to the bed and now have little to no issues getting up.


  1. I felt so much better after I hit that 5 day mark too! SO glad to hear you're getting around. Sorry about the inlaws and support...I am in the same boat. It's just me, the hubby, and the kids. I'm good! He's my biggest supporter and I love him for it.
    As for the protein...I struggled A LOT w/ the flavor of stuff and getting mine in. I'm 5 mo post-op now and am FINALLY getting in my 65 grams a day. Just do what you can and don't push yourself until it hurts. One day at a time. As for the chocolate? Yeah...that head hunger was a B*tch at first for me too. WOW! hang in there! you're doing GREAT!!!

  2. I have heard the adding frozen berries to your protein shake can make it taste alright, just blend them in real good. As for the chocolate, it won't hurt your band, but it may hurt your mind set, try to stay away from it for now. I know it's hard, (believe me) but it is worth it to get your healthy foods in right now to help with your healing.