Sunday, December 11, 2011

Protein Reviews: A bit rough

1st of all note: Before this liquid diet I was drinking exclusively almond milk. (personal preference) But they told me to switch to soy or cows milk. So I tried both on these proteins. I have photos but they are not with me. I will add them probably in January when we get internet back. Unjury’s Chocolate Classic, and Bariatric Fusion’s Chocolate Mousse were similar in flavor. I did not get free samples of GNC but I have to add them to warn you guys. Also note that i am at a tim hortons finishing this so you can have it! My surgery is on Wednesday and i am really excited!! (i am hoping this feeling stays) I found out there is a blogger app for my iphone so i can update more often. Just may be shorter! I will update probably on Thursday from the hospital. 

<3 you guys thank you so much for your support!

Vanilla Latte
-On ice: First I filled up my shaker bottle to 12 oz.  Then I took the packet, which was 1 serving (2 scoops) Into my shaker bottle and shook for the 60 seconds. It still looked grainy so I shook for an addition 20 seconds. (this did not help) Then I poured over ice.
            -Flavor wise: I love lattes, and coffee with cream. This has an initial bitter taste when you first drink it. But has a vanilla coffee flavor after. I added ¼ cup milk to it and was pleased that the bitter flavor went away.
            What I was left with was a creamy drink, that reminded me a little of an iced cappuccino from Tim Hortons.
-down side: Pieces of the protein did not completely mix, and so chunks of protein slip into your mouth while you are drinking.

-Hot: The package says to pour 12-14 oz water into shaker, add 1 serving (2 scoops) of Click. Shake for 30-60 seconds. Microwave for 60 seconds. Remove and stir. Microwave for 45 seconds or to desired temperature.

I followed the directions, and what did I get???
-The flavor reminded me now a little like hot chocolate (this was still the vanilla latte) But then I was immediately greeted with that bitter taste again. I added a little milk again…. The milk made the flavor better, but my lips were met with pieces of protein that had not mixed even though I shook for 60 seconds, and stirred through out the microwave session.

Mocha Latte- Tried the same methods as before. This one also did not mix too well. The flavor to me seemed more bitter, with a chocolate undertone.
            *What did I learn from this 1st drink??? Experiment with your protein to find something you may like.

Pro’s- 15 grams of protein per serving, only 1.5 grams of fat. Has caffeine equal to a 12-14 oz cup of coffee.

Con’s- bitter flavor unless you add milk to your drink. (just like real coffee!)
Could not get protein to dissolve completely.

**please note that through different forums online, many people love this protein, and swear by it.**

Nutrition and ordering can be found at their website at:
You can also buy it from the vitamin shoppe, and a variety of retailers online.
**Please not that I received free samples, and was not paid for this review**

UNJURY- My Personal Winner (Downside you have to order online and you want to drink it so fast because they are amazing!!!)

Chocolate classic-
First taste with soy milk- blown away. No grit, smooth taste, tastes like hot chocolate cold. SO good.

Chocolate Classic mixed with chocolate pudding- FANTASTIC! Way better then regular pudding, tastes like a chocolate mousse. (Freeze individual Popsicle containers for pudding pops! (YUM!!)

Vanilla with milk- YUM! Tastes like a vanilla shake.

Strawberry Sorbet w/water- the package says to mix with water. Did not enjoy this flavor. It tasted like a flavored water but creamy. I tried it on ice, still did not like it. I also tried it with lemonade and still did not like it.To each their own though.

Chicken soup- Tastes like Mrs. Grasses soup. Great flavor, a nice change from all of the sweet things. 

Chocolate splendor- Similar to the chocolate classic but has a deeper chocolate flavor. No idea what to say it tastes like just that it is different then the classic.

Unflavored- as all “unflavored” proteins go they still have a flavor. In water mixed with a crystal light is good. I mixed it in jello, but a cloudiness sank to the bottom and had little bits in my jello kind of grossed me out. But I am weird like that.

They have a new cheese protein but they do not have it in sample size. It looks interesting.

Vitamins- They have a  good flavor but they seem harder then other chewable vitamins. Maybe I just have wimpy teeth.

Bariatric Choice- Tons of variety and protein rich foods that go beyond the liquid phase.

Caramel Pudding- reminded me more of a vanilla pudding with a hint of caramel.  Texture was fine, taste was very bland.
Chicken Bouillion- Nice flavor, has little green things floating so you feel like you are actually eating something and not just liquid.
Chocolate Cream- this you can make into a pudding or a shake. I did shake, and did not like it. I could not get it to mix and I ended up dumping it.

Bariatric Fusion- These took a close 2nd.
Strawberry Shortcake- Delicious. Tastes like a strawberry shake. Took awhile to mix.
Chocolate Mousse- Yum Yum. Very tasty. Chocolate shake like but SOOO good.
Vitamins- not bad. Very little “chalk” taste.

GNC (Chain of stores)-
I wanted to warn you guys of a few things. Don’t ask for help because they will A. try to upsell you on every item in the store even if you are just buying 1 thing. (seriously I had just enough to buy 1 bag, and they kept badgering me) I drove out of my way to another store, and they had no idea what anything tasted like. (multiple employees)
Flavors I tried: Chocolate: These don’t like to mix but can be heated no problem. Taste like cocoa powder barely sweetened.
Chocolate Caramel: It tastes better then the chocolate but pretty bland.
I will be ordering unjury I just have not had the money. They cost the same but you pay for shipping. 


  1. You will find after surgery that your taste may change. I can only stomach UNJURY and the darn ATKINS shakes at Meijer. ugh. Just remember...we are all here for you!!! SO SO SO excited about your surgery!!! Take is SLOW! One day at a time.

    Lana in MI.

  2. Yay for surgery day :o) good luck and I wish you the best for a quick recovery and no gas :o)

  3. Thanks Lana!! I appreciate your massive support!!! Sam I hope no gas too lol