Thursday, May 19, 2011


Sorry to drop off the face of the internet for a month but things have been crazy busy over here. On the bariatric front i was told not to lose weight because i won't be able to get the surgery if i do. Fantastic. So milk shakes, and fried food for me until september. (i am pretty close to the 40 BMI) requirement. I have appointments finally set up for the nutritionist, and talking to one of the people at the program. I meet with my doctor for month 3 or 2 for the 6 month supervision.(there was a month that i had to schedule 7 days later then the other month, but still within that month and she thinks it won't qualify. what if i had the 1st for all my months. seems pretty weird to me) In june i am going for another sleep study where i have a catheter in my esophagus. Doesn't that sound fun?

As for my crazy life- we are buying a house! the crazy part is that we have to own the house and be moved by July 3rd. (our lease is up) we found this really great place in an area of town that we have always wanted to live for under budget and it is quirky like us. So we are going to put in an offer today or tomorrow. <3 I am still in grad school my summer break is middle of July. We are packing, and working and packing.

Just wanted to say hi, and that i have no forgotten about you all!