Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 for 1 posts! Kind of :0)

I know i already posted today but i felt this required a post too! Since it was bariatric related.

Today i bought a Baby Bullet blender! I don't recommend buying it from the manufacturers website as they want to charge $20 shipping. I went into Bed bath and beyond with a 20% off coupon. It's retail 59.99, but i saved about $12, so that works out to about $48 before tax.
-i figured that i will be on liquids first, i.e protein drinks (see what i bought below), and then purees, etc. plus smaller portions forever, and wanting quick smoothies/ to go foods. So for me it was a good investment. Plus i used to have something similar to the regular magic bullet and i used it everyday for smoothies until it died.

I also bought a Blender Bottle. In my support group they mentioned that blender type bottles are indispensable, as protein separates from whatever fluid it is mixed in.

A few months ago i bought small flexible silicone bowls (about the size between your thumb and index finger put together in an O shape. To help with portions. (and they were really cute <3) They were similar to this but i would never pay that much. I bought mine from cost plus world market and paid $5 for 5. (i love that place)

In my support group a post surgery person named Jean, said that she buys all of her vitamins from , That is all fine and dandy, but some of the prices were a little steep to me. I can happily spend $50 on a blender but for vitamins? Hecks no! ;) I got my vitamin D 1000 (which i am low at, at Target for $6 chewables. (chewables are required the first 6mo of surgery (i believe? i hate pills so i will continue, plus these taste good!) I bought Centrum chewables orange flavored 60 tabs ($6), and calcium 600 rite aid brand ($8 bucks) for 90.

So i think that is all so far. Just wanted to share! =)

It's been a long time coming.....

Last week i went to my 7th month of doctor supervised weight loss (out of 6), i was told to keep going (from my hospital) so that insurance does not deny me. Last week on monday i went to my first support group it was for a shoe company called running fit. They actually had a good product, once i lose weight i will look into it. It just seems odd to do it now, since your feet can change. My second required support group was on saturday and it was to try Unjury Protein. One of the two proteins we can have on our liquid diet. I can honestly say that it is not bad. We tried the vanilla flavor with skim milk, and i smelled it (which they tell you not to do.) But it reminded me of Nilla Wafers. The flavor was a mild vanilla, with a minimum after taste which was not bad either. The next we tried was vanilla with water, which was okay. Finally we tried Unflavored Unjury with a crystal light fruit punch packet. It was interesting. The unjury makes things taste creamy. I think if you mix something in an orange may work better as like a creamsicle flavor. The website is here.  You can only order it online, but i will be placing my order in the next month or so. Monday i got my...... *drum roll please*............ SURGERY DATE!!!

It is set for December 14th.

I set it for that because of school, and my practicum, i have a 3 week break during that time which gives me time to recuperate.

Before then i have to get it approved by my insurance which i should hear back in the next few weeks. I have to go for another sleep study this time to be fitted for a cpap finally! This will be my third sleep study.

I have to go for a 2 hour nutrition appointment, and a whole day of appointments and doctors meetings. Which they only offer on a Tuesday. (which just so happens to be my practicum/school day)

Owell. So the next few months i am assuming i will be posting more often as there will be more to post.

For now: I will talk about a bird with no name.

First off this is not a sad story as it may appear. :) 7 years, and some odd months ago before my husband and i started dating he told me that he had allergies, and that i could never own a bird. I seriously considered not dating him for i had loved birds in my youth and had owned a love bird, and a blue crown conure. But i figured we would not marry so what was the harm. Much to my surprise 5 years later we were getting married, and now 7 years and some odd months later are married. (2 years, and almost 3 months) Anyway, lately i have been drawn to birds. We were at heritage festival this summer and i was able to hold birds, play with birds, and interact with birds, and my love for them was ripped open again, and i was reminded how much i missed being a bird owner. Owning a dog, is different from owning a cat, just as owning a bird is different from those. The bond you share with each is different but important just the same. Anyways jump ahead to about a month ago every time we would go into a petco, a petsmart or some other petshop with birds my husband would find me just staring and smiling at the birds playing or staring back at me. Then 2 weeks ago the talk began. My side was that he used to be deathly allergic to cats and had to go to the e.r. and now we have 5. He got over it! Well eventually i won! And i got this sweetie above. She is perfect. She preens me, she loves me, she is already bonded to me and i have only had her a few days, she was definitely hand tamed, she was from a local breeder, she is only 7 months old, and she happily stays on me for hours and hours. =) Oh and my husband would not try to play with other birds, but this bird he takes out of the cage when i am not home <3 And his allergies are not acting up at all =)