Friday, December 30, 2011

Broccoli, ham and Parmesan scrambled eggs

Here is a recipe for you folks!
Spray pan with pam or butter. Take 2 eggs and whisk them. Add in finely chopped ham. (I used store bought 95% fat free ham chunks and chopped them up) Take already cooked broccoli and chop it into small pieces. (I had one of those steamer bags which is already cooked) Add the broccoli to the eggs. Mix it all together and add a sprinkle of mrs. dash or your favorite cooking seasoning. Continue to stir to keep it scrambled. Near the end of cooking the eggs add in a shake or two of parmesan cheese (i used shredded parmesan) Once it is finished you can add a bit more cheese. 
Other add ins you can use: Add other veggies i had freeze dried red onion, and garlic that i added. You can use fresh veggies whatever you have on hand. Because i am in the puree phase i have to be careful what i use. 

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  1. I am def trying looks gorgeous!