Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am making a plan of action to get myself in gear with an end in sight. From feb 22nd to April 8th I will be walking/exercising daily, having morning workouts which will help my energy so I can not drink coffee for those days, drink 8 cups of water, give up Starbucks sugar free mocha light frappucinos, limit myself to 1 carb food a day. (ie serving of pretzels/popcorn) meet protein goals. Cut out sugar where possible. My hope is lose weight and be able to buy some cute clothing at the end! I just bought an elliptical online on Monday paid $50 after 2 gift cards and that will arrive on Friday. I will try to post here every few days to record how I am doing. Are u doing anything for lent? Suggestions? By the way I was so excited when I found out my exact graduation day. July 27th,2012. :) I want to be a slimmer and more healthy me!


  1. Goood Luck :D It's nice to have a goal like yours!

  2. Sounds like an EXCELLENT plan! Good luck, and I had to chuckle because pretzels and popcorn are two of my all time favorite carbs, and I dare say I eat them often (I'm pretty close to goal, but still...) Anyway I think you are on your way to being back on track..so happy for you!

  3. Great!

    You found your Motivation!

    Have a wonderful weekend,