Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quick Pop in-

Just want to mention real quick: I started a job (substitute teaching), and i saw my surgeon, and some other folks today. Got some blood work done, and went to 3 clinics. Domino farms (u of m) bariatric seems to know what they are doing. Chatted with a woman who had the RNY, she reported having pain on her right side 2 weeks out. The doctor said he was most concerned about my getting blood clots (as i have a blood clotting condition) The thing that concerns me most as silly as it sounds is having them cut me from breast to belly button if something goes wrong. He said they would only do that if i had bleeding complications. I also am afraid of dying. Which is normal given surgery. Anyway i have the green light for december 14th, and i have not forgotten about my protein post.. so far the winner is unjury's classic chocolate.



  1. very exciting!!! you have a date! I see you have the sleeve over on your counter....are you having the RNY instead? I did the rny 7/20/11 and am very happy. Down 4 pants sizes!!! (lana in MI)

  2. I wish you luck with your surgery! Hope all goes well and your recover quickly. Let us know how went...