Saturday, November 12, 2011

Review on products!!

I have written to a few companies and they have so generously sent me product to review on my blog. This is really exciting to me because i get to share photos, recipes and my review. If i could send you all product i would!! The companies that i will be reviewing:
Unjury- (this is one of the two that we are allowed to have prior to surgery, they sent protein drinks, and vitamins)
-Strawberry Sorbet, chicken soup, chocolate splendor, unflavored, chocolate classic, and vanilla.
-Opurity vitamins- calcium citrate plus, and orange berry for bypass.
Click- (protein with coffee, and caffeine!)
-Vanilla Latte and mocha latte.
Bariatric Fusion- (they sent vitamins and protein drinks)
-Strawberry shortcake, and chocolate mousse.
-vitamins- orange cream, strawberry, and mixed berry.
Bariatric Choice- (they sent protein mix for pudding, and soup.)
-Chocolate Cream pudding and shake, caramel pudding, chicken bouillon.

I am looking forward to reviewing them. I will have separate posts for each, and i can promise lots of photos :) Look on the websites, especially unjury and let me know if you see any recipes you want me to try.

Have a great weekend!

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