Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do what makes you happy/ House keeping

Hello i am back! Hopefully for good now that i am settled into my new home. By settled i mean that 60% of the boxes are unpacked, some of the walls are painted and friends have been coming over very regularly. Settled to me = relaxation, and peacefulness in your area of choosing. A little too zen for me i know ;) 

While i have been gone i have been getting some wonderful emails from some of you and i really appreciate them. You are all so encouraging, and i really appreciate each and everyone of you, even the quiet ones. Yes, i see you there :-p. 

The other odd thing that started happening is the amount of emails i have been getting for marketing. One i got a few days ago was off bounds, as it praised me for not getting surgery. When in reality in December i will be getting surgery just not the Lap band. Who knew that buying a house would get you noticed by marketing moguls?

Now i am not sure if i mentioned why or even what surgery i have chosen. So here it is:

I have chosen the Gastric Sleeve. See Here for information
For many reasons the most important one to me is my Warfarin (coumadin). I have taken Warfarin for 4 1/2 years (since i was 21) now because i have a clotting disorder. The lap band makes it difficult to take pills and warfarin cannot be crushed or made into liquid. Gastric bypass has malabsortion which would also affect the warfarin. So folks in December i will be getting the Gastric sleeve which many say looks like a banana :) 

On a non related note: I start my second year of graduate school September 1st. This is my final year for grad school and i will graduate July 2012. Another exciting point to mention is that i also start my practicum (internship) at a place which only sees diagnosed clients: such as schizophrenics, bipolar, manic depressive, etc. I am really excited to embark on this hands on training, as i will get to be the therapist. =) 

Next week i am seeing a sleep doctor to determine what to do about my sleep apnea, the following week i am going to my first support meeting. I will check in!! 

Take care and enjoy the rest of summer!! I promise some photos will come. I have many! 

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