Monday, July 11, 2011

Jelly Doughnut

Went to a friends art gallery today. It was amazing work. I wanted to take home several pieces that i never had the chance to see. I came up to this one that was whiteish pink, had a big redish hole in the middle and had a texture that i could imagine smooshing my hand into. It was pretty large and rectangular oblongish. I went to my friend and told him that it reminded me of a Jelly Doughnut, and explained about wanting to shove my hand into it. He smiled a bit, and seemed weird but i thought nothing of it. Jump back a few weeks ago my husband told me that this friend was inspired by "beauty" to make a sculpture, and that it was my belly. I mentioned this Jelly doughnut thing to my husband, and he said uh hun. *friends name* said he finished that piece he was working on and you know that one you thought was the doughnut... I immediately started saying no no oh no oh gosh. luckily we were in the car leaving. It made me feel so terrible inside, how could my friend do that to me. My husband said that it was more of using me because i was his first massage client, and the experience of that. It still made me feel terrible. Then i realized that it was so blobby and everything i hated about myself up on a wall for everyone to see. This here, is my health burden that i carry every day hanging on a wall. The one that is always putting me at risk for new issues....


  1. I'm not sure why anyone would feel it necessary to even tell you that! You are working hard to get healthy- stick with it and away from people who bring negativity to what you are trying to accomplish!

  2. I think it's beautiful and I love jelly doughnuts! I bet I'd love you too! I'm kinda jealous that you got to be the INSPIRATION for a piece of art. I would love to be someones inspiration. You are beautiful, the painting is beautiful!!!!

  3. That would have hurt me too. I hope that you are able to use it as motivation and know that you are a beautiful person.