Saturday, August 20, 2011

A photo post

I feel like i have been boring you all with text posts so this post i wanted to be mostly photos and share some of my life with you. =) It is hard to imagine someones life without photos. First up we will start with a portrait that my husband just painted of me:
It is very spot on and quite creepy :) I love it. I have been asking him to do a color rendition of me for years. He did a few earlier in our relationship but none since we have been married (over 2 years!!) He has a website HERE and does EVERYTHING. Currently he is painting superheroes on ceiling tiles replacing the people for the sistine chapel. Pretty cool stuff.

Above is my back yard. I have been spending lots of time in. Who knew i would like to spend time in my yard. The past 2 years i worked/lived at a storage facility where it was difficult to spend much time outside because customers would come up to you 24/7 and ask you questions/favors. It was annoying to say the least. But now i am free, and enjoy laying in my hammock while the evil mosquitos eat away at me all hours of the day.

The first two of these three photos... The first is Brewster... well actually his full name is Baron Von Brewster the Wookie Christ. Now i am sure no one but my husband and i find his name silly, but it does have a reason. Brewster we both agreed upon when we got him (i don't remember why my husband thought brewster, but i was thinking punky brewster even though he is a boy.) We love Anime by Hayao Miyazaki (look him up they are great!) (Spirited away, howls moving castle, ponyo, kikis delivery service.. etc) anyways one from Studio Ghibli (company that Miyazaki works for) produced this movie The Cat Returns and we loved The Cat who was called The Baron. So thus Baron Von Brewster was born. The wookie part came because he was really puffy yet small and it encompassed him, add in a collar that was too big and hung over his chest and you get wookie. Finally when he was held he would move his right arm around and touch people like he was blessing them thus the last part. Sorry if this offends we don't mean it to i just like sharing the origin of brewsters name =) Since he has so much personality to live up to the names! By the way Brewster is 1 of the 5 cats currently living with us!

The second photo is Kaeci, when we got her from a woman who had 3 dogs and was giving her away for free her name was KC. We thought she was too special to only have a two letter name and thus became Kaeci. Kaeci is 9 we have had her for 6 years. She does many tricks and her only "undesirable" behavior that she came with was barking excessively. Since we bought a house this has diminished, and is no longer an issue. Kaeci is a very loving dog, she is bright, still learns quickly and is sneaky and has been known to steal frosting off the top of donuts in a box, and close the box. In addition, she has been known to tip a pizza box slide the pizza off the box so the box falls back on the counter and eat the pizza. She is very smart, and very talented. Whenever you think you have out smarted Kaeci she is behind you eating your snack. But as you can see above she has a pretty doggie smile, and a lot of love to give.

Finally, this weekend in my town in southeast, Michigan is Heritage festival. A bunch of vendors come together to sell stuff, and music plays, and it is an over all good time. The last photo is my first henna ever. Obviously i did not get traditional henna, and i did not get it on my hands. The reason for that was because i am starting my internship the first week of september and i have to be professional. I can hide my inner wrist if it is still there but not what is on top of my hands. I went to heritage friday with J and a few friends, got henna and got to hold birds (parrots, conures, etc) . Today i went with J and we moseyed and played bingo. Tomorrow we are going with some other friends. It is a small event but still nice to go to with friends.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Be safe.

Oh and i never made it to my meeting. Slept through my alarm. Whoops. Next week is my Sleep apnea doctor. I hope i get a Cpap, my sleep is really disturbed and i won't sleep with the funky backpack so i won't roll onto my back in my sleep. That will just give me back pain.


  1. OMG your man = serious talent.. I draw but can't paint worth a damn, awesome portrait, awesome sistine chapel concept! as for Miyazaki, I remember going to midnight showing of Princess Mononoke.. couldn't take my eyes off the screen with that animation, it was love :0)

  2. That portrait is awesome. Wow, that is raw talent.

  3. Thanks for sharing!! And the portrait of you is priceless!!

  4. Great portrait! And your husband's website is amazing! Also, I am not much of a cat person, but for some reason with that Playboy centerfold pose? I kinda love your cat.

  5. Love the portrait and all your furry critters!

  6. New to your blog! Your such a fun person! Love the portrait! And your pets are adorable! Feel free to stop by and say hi on my blog!

  7. Thanks everyone! Sorry for not responding faster! Carbie girl the first miyazaki i got to see in theater was howls moving castle. I will tell my husband of your kind words. Lola i am glad you like my cat's "playboy centerfold pose :)" i do too. Sheila you should see the herd in action. Kelly, welcome to the blog! I will stop by!