Friday, October 21, 2011

Quick Goal

My husband is an Illustrator, and we go to Comic Book conventions several times a year. I somehow came upon this sexy lingerie, and costume website today. It got me to thinking. Every convention you see booth babes (skinny girls sexy girls) who are there to help draw attention to the table. There are also women dressed in superhero outfits, and they also get photo graphed if they are in a good costume and/or they look good. I have never felt comfortable to dress up in a costume for a comic book convention, but this website gave me a weight loss goal.

My Goal: Buy a superhero outfit, and proudly wear it at a comic book convention. =)

Most likely i could only do this in about a year or so. Once i hit my goal weight. (*fingers crossed*)

Costumes i would like:

My Husband is a big fan of this comic book character:

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  1. ha what a cool goal... i like the Robin costume best. Going as harley quinn would be cute too :0)