Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 for 1 posts! Kind of :0)

I know i already posted today but i felt this required a post too! Since it was bariatric related.

Today i bought a Baby Bullet blender! I don't recommend buying it from the manufacturers website as they want to charge $20 shipping. I went into Bed bath and beyond with a 20% off coupon. It's retail 59.99, but i saved about $12, so that works out to about $48 before tax.
-i figured that i will be on liquids first, i.e protein drinks (see what i bought below), and then purees, etc. plus smaller portions forever, and wanting quick smoothies/ to go foods. So for me it was a good investment. Plus i used to have something similar to the regular magic bullet and i used it everyday for smoothies until it died.

I also bought a Blender Bottle. In my support group they mentioned that blender type bottles are indispensable, as protein separates from whatever fluid it is mixed in.

A few months ago i bought small flexible silicone bowls (about the size between your thumb and index finger put together in an O shape. To help with portions. (and they were really cute <3) They were similar to this but i would never pay that much. I bought mine from cost plus world market and paid $5 for 5. (i love that place)

In my support group a post surgery person named Jean, said that she buys all of her vitamins from , That is all fine and dandy, but some of the prices were a little steep to me. I can happily spend $50 on a blender but for vitamins? Hecks no! ;) I got my vitamin D 1000 (which i am low at, at Target for $6 chewables. (chewables are required the first 6mo of surgery (i believe? i hate pills so i will continue, plus these taste good!) I bought Centrum chewables orange flavored 60 tabs ($6), and calcium 600 rite aid brand ($8 bucks) for 90.

So i think that is all so far. Just wanted to share! =)

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