Friday, March 18, 2011

Act: One Scene: One....

So you stumbled here probably after frantically searching around the web looking for the perfect article on weight loss surgery as i did. What i can say is that i have already learned a few things in my time researching how to make this happen. is a fabulous resource. If they don't have what you want ask about it. It is just a bunch of people like you, many of whom already got the surgery so they know a bit of what is going on. There are doctor recommendations, and a whole lots of do's and dont's. It is great. So why the heck did you make this blog then lady!? Well i wanted to share my experience so that i could some day help others in their quest for health, self-esteem, and pursuit of happiness.

Now onto what i have learned so far:

1.) Call your insurance first and foremost. Find out if they will even cover you. You don't want to travel down this road if they won't; unless you want to A. make payments for 7 years, or B. are rich. Just saying.
- get the details- how much will they cover, what is your co-pay, out of pocket, what sorts of hoops do you have to jump through do u meet the requirements for the surgery.

For my insurance (blue cross mi) i have to have a bmi of 40, have a medically structured weight loss program for at least 6 months documented, have a psych evaluation, and be cleared for surgery medically.

Just remember do this FOR YOU, it is okay if others benefit but this if for YOU, YOUR health, YOUR happiness, and YOUR longevity.


See you soon!

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