Thursday, January 5, 2012

My current love

Pink berry!! Is this frozen yogurt chain. They are low/ no fat low sugar and sooo good. What I have is a picture of the chocolate and peppermint. My stomach is feeling strained (stretched) pretty often. Not in a good way. I started back to school on Tuesday. Taking existential and a professional seminar. Pretty interesting. We learned about alcoholism today. Not related my left shoulder has been killing me. I ice it, put heat on it and rub it a lot of the day and still it is a horrible pain. I can't think clearly. :/ I had the 3 week appointment with my surgeon. It was pointless. He also has poor social skills. At one point he was talking to a cabinet. Seriously! Anyways just wanted to pop in and ramble:)


  1. Sorry your surgeon is not a people person. I think many people get shoulder pain after WLS due to trapped gas. Go on and look around if you want to check. Does your surgeon have a nurse you could talk to instead? Don't settle until you get the help and answers you deserve!