Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not much....

I am just popping in right quick to say hello. Classes have started up again... Existential and Phenomenology psychology, Professional Seminar, Thesis, and Supervision. Plus my practicum. The existential class makes my brain hurt :D
Food wise i am doing well trying to make good choices for food, and chew chew chew. I really want to use a straw.. That is what i miss the most. I had an minor issue with one of my incisions having some pus for a few days. (Not much) so before i could call the surgeons nurse it had stopped. 1st time for it too, and it was a small incision by my bra line. I am still stalled at 214. I feel like i am still losing inches and have noticed that my fingers no longer look like sausages. Tomorrow my bestie and i are going to the gym and doing a water aerobics class. I don't want to over do it. I read on one of the sites that someone popped their pouch by over doing it. Even heard the POP. scary stuff. I go for my 2 month appointment in 2 weeks Febuary 7th (1 week before my 2 months). Kind of bummed since i have only lost 4 pounds since the 3 week check up. I guess i just need to start exercising more.... Jealous of those who just lose lose lose.
Anyways i am off for the night just wanted to pop in.

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